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Let There Be Light

Two longtime, design loving, patio-hanging friends (Arturo + David) got fired up about the lack of chic and stylish, photo-worthy, front-of-house, outdoor heating and lamp solutions for their design worthy digs. They combined their product design know-how, technological finesse, and business savvy with a commitment to local manufacturing and green ideals to create Kindle Living – an industry changing line of luxury, design-centric, equal parts inspiration and innovation, you-won’t-want-to-shove-them-in-the-corner, outdoor heaters (and lamps).
It’s a lifestyle. It’s interior design and the must-have ‘outdoor room’ - the attention it deserves, and looking for ways to extend and elevate the experience. It’s seeking a true indoor/outdoor vibe, a blurring of traditional spaces and reimagining how they function. It’s realizing the importance of on point deck décor with attention to detail and an unwillingness to compromise ones own aesthetic. It’s the hospitality industry maximizing their numbers with year round al fresco happy hours and equally happy clients. It’s the wonder and surprise when clients realize it’s a heater. It’s mood and atmosphere. It’s a globally recognized industry overhaul.

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